This is a Ludwig Rocker 12 inch drum head signed with full signature Ringo Starr with star graphics and "92" date. This is the very last year he signed a full signature.  If you are a Ringo fan, collecting only the very best, then this is for you. It is a BIG BIG 3 inch by 9 inch signature in silver paint pen. This comes with a Perry Cox LOA and a GDM Enterprises lifetime guarantee LOA. Beautiful! SOLD


RINGO STARR-48 inch long black, with silver stripe, tie owned and worn by Ringo Starr. Ringo signed this in silver paint pen in 1989 and it sold through a Christie's auction. This is his full signature with star and "89" date ! The tie label is "Punters Choice by Cadiss London." This was originally given to a charity then auctioned through Christie's Auction House. This comes with a GDM Enterprises LOA.


RINGO STARR-45 inch long off white, cotton tie owned and worn by Ringo Starr. Ringo signed this in red, fine point sharpie on the reverse side. This is his full signature with star! Ringo stopped signing with his full name in 1992. Most likely signed in the very late 1970's or early to mid 1980's. This comes with a Tracks U.K. and GDM Enterprises LOA.

RINGO STARR 1963 FRAMED AUTOGRAPH AND PICTURE DISC. DISPLAY-A 13"X16" metal frame with double matted "Love Me Do" picture disc. display. The autograph is a 1963 Ringo signature in blue ballpoint pen on a 1 1/4"x 3 1/2" paper (clipped from a autograph book page and then affixed to another piece of yellow paper). There is some staining (see photo), but it is a very large signature. Also matted is a metal, "Boys From Liverpool" button and 2 guitar picks. This will be shipped with plexi-glass. It will be easy to change to real glass if you so desire. This comes with a GDM Enterprises LOA. $550.00

PICTURES- Signature , Full Display , Closeup 2

RINGO STARR SIGNED BEATLES "BABY IT'S YOU" THREE SONG CD -Ringo Starr has signed this, in black ballpoint pen, on the insert tray cover. This comes with a GDM Enterprises LOA. $400

PICTURES- Full View , Closeup Signature

RINGO STARR AUTOGRAPHED "ACT NATURALLY" SHEET MUSIC-Original, 9"x12", tri-fold sheet music for "Act Naturally." Sheet music shows light wear and some soiling. Signed boldly in blue sharpie by Ringo Starr on 27 March, 1999 while at concert at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Fort Lauderdale. This comes with a GDM Enterprises Letter of Authenticity. SOLD

PICTURES- Full View Front , Signature Closeup

RINGO STARR SIGNED "TIME TAKES TIME" CD -1992 cd "Time Takes Time" signed in blue sharpie by Ringo Starr on the cd booklet. This is Ringo's post 2000 signature. This comes with a GDM Enterprises LOA. $350

PICTURES- Full View , Signature Closeup

RINGO STARR CAREER ART PLATE-Measuring 8 1/2" inches in diameter, this piece was manufactured in 1996 by Gartland USA. Limited edition of 1,000 with Ringo shown in four stages of his illustrious career, as painted by artist Michael J. Taylor. This plate is an autographed "Platinum Edition" plate with Ringo's signature (printed) and Michael J. Taylor (real gold paint pen). The back of this plate is hand numbered, specifying the number out of 1,000 produced worldwide: excerpted from 10,000 piece edition featuring similar artwork. SOLD

PICTURES- Multiple View

RINGO STARR ABBEY ROAD ORNAMENT & MIRROR STAND-This figurine has been personally approved by Ringo Starr. Very nice, color, porcelain crystalline 4 1/4" figurine of Ringo in the famous Abbey Road scene. Comes with original box & mirror stand. 1996 by Gartlan USA. $35

THREE DIFFERENT RINGO STARR ISSUE PHONE CARDS-Colorful GTI Telecom $10 signature phone cards showing 3 different designs with signatures. These are factory sealed "Sample" cards. $20

PICTURES- Full Front