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"I didn't really feel I belonged after the first two years, maybe two and a half. You know, before it was them, the Beatles and me-the new drummer. It lasted long enough to bother a bit, but not any more." RINGO


The Beatles 1991 silver coin series- set of 12 (same matching number 1728 on all coins) limited edition coins, issued on a subscription basis by the Chicagoland Processing Corporation (Enviromint). Officially licenced by Apple Corps, comprising one coin for each album. Each coin is 1 troy ounce of .999 silver and measures 1½ inch in diameter. The album coins have the relevant artwork on one side and the classic band 'drumskin' logo and number on the reverse. They are contained in clear plastic capsules inside a 4 inch x 6 inch embossed grey suede cases including numbered illustrated booklets with notes on the making of the albums. They are housed in the original cardboard boxes. Some light wear, age yellowing and penned album name on outside of storage boxes.

"KANSAS CITY MEETS THE BEATLES" book by Gary Murtha- A 2013, 123 page (87 color pages), 6x9, paperback book with laminated cover. 1964 was the beginning of Beatlemania in America. In February, 1964 the Beatles signed on for 3 EdSullivan Shows as "I Want To Hold Your Hand" took over the #1 chart position in America. By March 1964 the Beatles held the top 5 positions and 12 of the top 40 songs on the Top 40 surveys. More records fell in 1964 when the The Beatles came back in August for an extensive concert tour. The big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York were on the schedule. The Beatles schedule was set and Kansas City was not on it, until a man named Charles Finley took action. Charles Finley, owner of the Kansas City Athletic's baseball team, offered $50,000 to the Beatles to play Kansas City on an off date September, 17, 1964. The answer was no so he doubled the offer to $100,000, but again the Beatles said no. But when Finley's pen hit the paper and wrote down $150,000 (equal to a million dollars in today money) the Beatles said Yeah Yeah Yeah and the Kansas City concert was on. The author was seventeen in 1964 and reports on Beatlemania in America as well as his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. The Beatles concert and press conference is covered in detail as well as a large selection of Beatles memorabilia examples. The book is loaded with relevant newspaper clippings and personal comments from many Kansas City fans. This is the most complete accounting of the KC concert to date. In addition, it takes a historical look at Charles Finley, the Muehlebach Hotel (where The Beatles stayed) and Municipal Stadium (where the Beatles concert was held). A must read for Beatles and Kansas City fans. EACH BOOK WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED. We will throw in free shipping to any USA address. $24.00

"STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER-It Wasn't Twist & Shout" book by Gary Murtha-"STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER" is a 2012, 108 pages, perfect bound, laminated soft cover book with over 70 color and b/w photos of the Salvation Army Strawberry Field home, Strawberry Field walls and gate, Penny Lane, St. Peters Church and Hall (where John Lennon met Paul McCartney), Aunt Mimi’s Mendips home, Liverpool pubs and clubs, John Lennon and his mother Julia, Yoko and Sean Lennon, John’s Kenwood home, Abbey Road recording studio and so much more. See where each Beatle was born, where he lived and where he went to school at. Strawberry Fields Forever-It Wasn’t Twist and Shout , covers John’s early years at Mendips, his relationship to the Strawberry Field Salvation Army home, the history and photos of the children's home, and a detailed study of John’s song “Strawberry Fields Forever” with specifics about the recording of it. Hear what employees of the home have to say and see pictures of the children. Learn about Yoko’s and Sean’s 1984 visit to the home and gates. This is the most complete book ever written about the Strawberry Field home and the song “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Everything you ever wanted to know about this magical place and song is now available in this book. A special bonus is a 16 song Strawberry Walrus cd of great songs about John Lennon’s life. It contains songs about the Beaconsfield Fair Aunt Mimi took John to, Private Gripweed, Strawberry Fields Salvation Army home and gates, the day John met Paul, THIS IS NOT HERE, Bed-in for peace event, Abbey Road, and so much more. An informative read from cover to cover. Come take the journey today! EACH BOOK WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED. We will throw in free shipping to any USA address. $22.00

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER is now available as an eBook at these eBook retailers: Apple iBookstore (for iPad), Amazon (for Kindle), Barnes & Noble (for NOOK), Reader Store (for Sony Reader), Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, and eBookPie. (without the cd).

"SEARCHING FOR STRAWBERRY FIELD" book by Gary Murtha-"SEARCHING FOR STRAWBERRY FIELD" is a 6x9, perfect bound, laminated soft cover, 78 page book. “Searching for Strawberry Field” is loaded with 48 pages of great color photos of Strawberry Field, Abbey Road, the Grapes pub, the Cavern Club, Eleanor Ribgy’s grave site, Brian Epstein’s house, Paul McCartney’s house, John Lennon’s Mendips home, and the St. Peters Church where Lennon met McCartney in 1957. You will see the Registra’s office where John and Cynthia were married, the hospital where John was born, Penny Lane, and so much more. It tells the story of a combat Marine (Gary Murtha) who in 1967 first heard The Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever” and set out on a lifelong journey to discover the meaning of John Lennon’s masterpiece song, with the dream of someday visiting those old red gates at the Strawberry Field Salvation Army home in Liverpool. Learn about John’s life, the Salvation Army home, and about the actual studio production of the song. So hop on the Magical Mystery tour bus and take a journey with me. Together we will trek to Liverpool and touch the gates of Strawberry Fields. EACH BOOK WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED. A 16 song cd (by Strawberry Walrus) is attached to the inside of the book. The songs were specially written about Abbey Road and Strawberry Field. We will throw in free shipping to any USA address. $18.00

SEARCHING FOR STRAWBERRY FIELD is now available as an eBook at these eBook retailers: Apple iBookstore (for iPad), Amazon (for Kindle), Barnes & Noble (for NOOK), Reader Store (for Sony Reader), Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, and eBookPie for just $2.99 (without the cd).

BIG LOT of 20 BEATLES USA VHS MOVIES-All original. No boots. 20 great , used, USA VHS movies. All play fine. I just don't need them anymore. Includes:Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles Live , Beatlemania, Imagine, That'll Be The Day, A Day In The Life, Do They Know It's Christmas, John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, Fun With The Fab Four (2), Beatles Firsts, Help, Give My Regards To Broadstreet, Put It There Paul McCartney, John Lennon Interview With A Legend (Tom Snyder), Get Back, The John Lennon Video Collection, The Beatles (documentary) and John Lennon Live In New York City. $75


2 BEATLES DVDs ALF BICKNELLS DIARY and A CELEBRATION-Both brand new and sealed. THE BEATLES CELEBRATION featuring rare footage, interviews, photos and press conferences with the Beatles and friends. Great first hand interviews and insights from Eric Clapton, Pete Best, Yoko Ono, and more. This also includes BEATLEMANIA, a rare newsreel documenting the Beatles arrival in London after their triumphant U.S tour. 2nd DVD is ALF BICKNELLS DIARY-Alf was the Beatles driver and road manager from 1964-1966. Alf is the most knowledgeable and reputable source of Beatlemania information there is. Take a walk across Abbey Road, following in the footsteps of the Fab Four. Side by side with Alf, go down the path of rock and roll history. Set amidst the original locations in London, Alf's stories become more authentic, more than just memories, and nothing less then an intimate Beatles travelogue. See original b/w footage from 1964-1966. Also featuring special live 1990's concert footage supplied by Paul McCartney. $15


STRAWBERRY WALRUS "THERE ARE PLACES I REMEMBER" CD ALBUM-Fifty classic 60's style songs from Strawberry Walrus's song vault. Songs about the early Beatles days in Liverpool and Hamburg as well as 17 songs about their US concert tours between 1964 and 1966. Famous places like the Cavern Club, Jacaranda Club, Casbah Club, and Mathew Street are covered. You'll love the song about their first appearnace on the Ed Sullivan show and the excitement surrounding it. Take a meditative sitar trip with the Beatles to Rishikesh, India in 1968. Hear the first song ever recorded about that day in 1957 when John Lennon met Paul McCartney. Visit Aunt Mimi's Mendips house where John, Paul, and George are practicing in the small living room. Go back in time when a very young John Lennon grabbed Aunt Mimi's hand and went to the Beaconsfield Fair to listen to the Salvavtion Army band. Hop on the double decker bus to Penny Lane. Visit the famous Abbey Road studio where the majority of the Beatles songs were recorded, the Apple Boutiqe shop that housed all those stylish Fool's clothing and gear, the Strawberry Fields children's home, Albert Docks, and so more. Relive John and Yoko's Bagism days and their Hair Peace bed-in events. This double cd set also contains 2 previously unreleased tracks titled "Arnold Grove Days" about George's childhood days and "Mathew Street" the famous Liverpool Street and home of the Cavern Club. It's all here in this fabulous collection of 50 Strawberry Walrus hits. This cd comes in a jewel case. Price includes USA First Class shipping in a padded envelope. $18

BILLBOARD #1 BEATLES ALBUM CHART/DISPLAY-Nice 16"x20 artwork with classic Beatles images that have been embossed. Billboard "Top LP's" chart, to right, for February 15, 1964 showing the "Meet The Beatles" album in the number one slot. This display was issued in 1996 by BPI Communications under license to White Horse Trading Company from Apple Corps Limited. Is was originally issued in a lower quality frame with cardboard hanger backing. It has been remounted in a quality metal frame, with real glass, with wire hanger. Very nice display piece. USA only shipping. $65

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You will receive a beautiful, unique, antique brass finish, metal, 40mm (1 ½ inch) coin with Sgt. Pepper relief images of John Lennon and Paul McCartney with names. A brief history of achievements by the greatest song writing team ever to the reverse. This coin is mounted in a 2 3/8 inch by 3 1/4 inch presentation case with bold name header graphics to top. Or the same coin mounted in a 24k gold plated keychain.