"I never signed a contract with the Beatles. I had given my word about what I had intended to do, and that was enough. I abided by the terms and no-one ever worried about me not signing it." BRIAN EPSTEIN

PAUL McCARTNEY 2005 TOUR "SPACE WITHIN US" DVD-The chance to see a living legend in the flesh doesn't come often, but in 2005 former Beatle Paul McCartney graced the U.S. with his presence and undertook a lengthy tour of the country. Fortunately, a full camera crew captured the highlights, and THE SPACE WITHIN US presents a mixture of songs from the tour, with Beatles songs and solo McCartney tracks all included. The title THE SPACE WITHIN US is a reference to the origins of this broadcast, which was first witnessed by astronauts aboard the Mir space station, who received this performance as a live feed. Now earthbound audiences can enjoy live versions of tracks such as "Yesterday," "Get Back," "Drive My Car," and a goosebump-inducing "Hey Jude." This is brand new and sealed. $10.00

BIG LOT of 20 BEATLES USA VHS MOVIES-All original. No boots. 20 great , used, USA VHS movies. All play fine. I just don't need them anymore. Includes:Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles Live , Beatlemania, Imagine, That'll Be The Day, A Day In The Life, Do They Know It's Christmas, John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, Fun With The Fab Four (2), Beatles Firsts, Help, Give My Regards To Broadstreet, Put It There Paul McCartney, John Lennon Interview With A Legend (Tom Snyder), Get Back, The John Lennon Video Collection, The Beatles (documentary) and John Lennon Live In New York City. $75


ANTHOLOGY 8 VHS MOVIE SET -Originally broadcast as a miniseries, The Beatles Anthology consists of 8 vhs tapes with ten viewing hours. It's a comprehensive, insightful, and revealing history of the Fab Four. Considered the definitive Beatles documentary, footage was created from interviews, performances, studio sessions, feature films, home movies and more. It also contains five hours of material not shown on television. Footage traces the group's history from their youth in England to the band's eventual breakup. Tape one looks at how Ringo joined the band, the early days in Hamburg, and the group's rise to fame in England. Tape two depicts the development of the band, BBC sessions and performances, and touring stories. The Beatles' explosive introduction to America is the subject of tape three. Tapes four and five examine the years 1965 and 1966, including the filming of Help and the 1966 Japanese concert. The psychedelic era is the focus of tapes six and seven and includes George recounting the "Magical Mystery Tour," the establishment of Apple, Yellow Submarine, and Yoko Ono. The final tape takes a look at the closing of Apple, the drug busts of George and John, Abbey Road, and John and Paul's marriages. This retrospective documentary leaves few stones unturned in its astute account of the life and music of the Beatles. These tape have only been viewed once and comes in the original issue slip case. They will be shipped by media mail to save you postage. Currently sells for $159.00 at the stores. $65

FRAMED YELLOW SUB MOVIE FILM CELLS GROUP #1-8 original, vintage movie film cells cut from an actual reel of Yellow Submarine film that was shown in the movie theaters has been added to an authorized Subafilms Ltd, Vandor, hand made, pressed paper, 6"x8" frame with the design of those fabulous sea monsters. Mounted inside are 8 cell/frames showing the yellow submarine lighting the boxing monster's cigar and the school of laughing fish. $20