Welcome to Strawberry Walrus. I am Gary Murtha and I live in Missouri. I was a Junior in High School when the Beatles invaded my pocket transistor radio. I was immediately hooked as their music was unlike anything I had heard before. Those four lads stirred my emotions and made me feel good. Life was so complicated being a teenager, but the Beatles made it a very special time of my life. My life would never be the same. I became a John Lennon fan after listening to "It Won't Be Long" and "I'll Get You." At times John tried my patience with many of his spontaneous antics, but never did I doubt his creative genius. It's hard to pick a favorite Beatles song as they have so many to choose from, but "Strawberry Fields Forever" shows John at his very best. "I Am The Walrus", another personal favorite, shows us the sometimes whimsical, but always thought provoking, creative surges going through John's mind. It was and continues to be a joy ride without end. Throughout my life I have bought, sold, traded and collected Beatles memorabilia. Strawberry Walrus stems from my search for all things Beatles and especially items related to John Lennon. Sit back and take a Magical Mystery Tour of Strawberry Walrus and as John once said "I hope we passed the audition."

As you explore Strawberry Walrus you will quickly see that we are not an average Beatles site. Although we do carry many of the standard collectibles we take great pride in offering many one-of-a-kind and higher end investment collectibles. We have used a basic format to present our pages. Rather than having you click off and on for picture enlargements (which would take a lot of time) we decided to put most of the pictures and descriptions together. Although it makes for a slower loading page, I think you will find it easier to use. Please be patient until the pages fully load and all of the treasures are displayed.

We don't want to disappoint anyone so we ask that you give us a firm order to reserve an item for you. Until we receive that confirmation (with name and shipping address) we will not consider the item sold. Happy hunting. Visit often as we will be adding many exciting Beatles items to Strawberry Walrus.

Please email us to make sure the item is available. We will then email you letting you know the status of the item and the shipping charges. Once we receive a firm confirmation of order we will reserve the item for you. We will not hold an item until we have a definite confirmation of sale.
For USA shipment we prefer payment by cashiers checks and money orders. We no longer accept personal checks. If a credit card is used it must be through our PayPal account. We can only accept Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Visa payments through our account at PayPal. PayPal also accepts international payments (must be made in US dollars). We are licensed by Missouri to collect sales tax from Missouri residents. Payments must be made in USA dollars.
We ship most items by USPS Priority insured mail. Smaller items will go by First Class mail. Shipping charges will be determined with each order to save you money on multiple purchases. We provide our own shipping materials and will only charge for postage and insurance. We do not charge a handling fee. We try to ship your order within two days of receipt of funds.

Strawberry Walrus assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items in transit. Therefore we urge the buyer to purchase insurance to cover the actual value of the merchandise in case of damage or loss during shipment. If, within the inspection period, the buyer deems the item not satisfactory, for any reason, buyer must notify Strawberry Walrus within 48 hours of receipt, then, within 24 hours, repack and return the item (at buyers expense) in the exact same condition as received. If the buyer damages, alters or lessens the condition of any item received, the buyer cannot return the item and the purchase becomes final. Once the buyer receives an item, buyer has 48 hours to notify Strawberry Walrus that the item is satisfactory or not. If buyer does not notify Strawberry Walrus within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise, the buyer, by default, agrees the received merchandise is satisfactory and Strawberry Walrus will consider the sale final.

Strawberry Walrus offers our own lifetime guarantee on all autographs we sell. However, this guarantee does come with some restrictions. Before an autograph can be returned, the autograph in question must have been reviewed by a noted Beatles/related autograph specialist and they must issue a written statement in regards to the autograph in question. We at Strawberry Walrus have no doubt as to the authenticity of the autographs we sell, but we cannot overlook the fact that sometimes people may experience "buyers remorse", divorce, financial crisis and decide they no longer want an item. Just questioning an items authenticity is not enough to evoke the "lifetime" guarantee return privilege. At your request, Strawberry Walrus can provide the names and addresses of noted North American and European autograph authenticators that we will accept the opinion of. When we issue a Certificate of Authenticity we at Strawberry Walrus put our reputation on the line. We do not take our Certificate of Authenticity or reputation lightly. Our autographs and guarantee are good and we fully stand behind them. Buy with confidence. We also back our more valuable autographs with a COA by one of the top three Beatles autograph authenticators in the world. The top three authenticators are Frank Caiazzo, Perry Cox, and Paul Wane at Tracks UK.

Strawberry Walrus adheres to a policy of not authenticating autographs and not offering appraisals/values of items that we do not own. Although Strawberry Walrus is run by a force of just one, our web site visitors number in the thousands. Answering every inquiry, as to items and prices for items you have, would take away valuable time we need to conduct our business and work on our growing web site. We have also discovered that Strawberry Walrus emails have been used to support authentication and value appraisals. The use of any Strawberry Walrus email, for such purposes, is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.